Pivotal moments start with a connection that make a great story

Like when Matt, an artist and entrepreneur, met Christine, an agency creative director. Which led to the beginning of a life-long relationship (but that’s a tale for another time). However, that connection unleashed the mother of all brainstorms, raining down creativity, and soaking a fertile soil of possibilities. What sprouted began as Wallcrawls, a design solutions studio for non-profits and education, from fund raising efforts to kinesthetic learning. It has since grown into a creative experience studio, Olio, intent on solving real world engagement and communication problems. They’re not really problems, more like opportunities. Opportunities to create empathy, understanding, and inspiration. Sharing our passion is evident in our work, but more so evident in the moments we create, the relationships we build, not just with your audience, but with you. And this is just the prologue.

Honest. Versitile. Inquisitive.

We believe in collaboration, transparency, and just being good humans.
We do what we promise, and we go above and beyond, always.

Our evolution has come through our saying YES to our clients’ challenges. It’s how we’ve gotten to this point.

We’re not always trying to be THE solution, but we’re always trying to be the SOURCE of the solution. Because we’re not the biggest, nor do we want to be. Our resourcefulness in finding the best partners it what makes us agile, and downright industrious.

We build relationships. We offer a wide range of top tier services. Because to us, our accessibility and responsiveness allow us find better solutions, faster and more cost effectively. So, yes! Yes we can imagine it, yes we can design it, yes we can create it, and yes we can build it.

A perfect match – physical & digital experiences

Bacon & Eggs. Song & Dance. Chocolate &…errr…Chocolate. Some things are just better together, each brings out the best in the other. And 3’s not a crowd, it’s more like company. Emerging technology (AR/VR), interactive touchscreens, and physical design go hand in hand, like peas in a pod.

Harnessing the power of both the physical and digital experience make for more immersive and memorable moments. We carefully curate the right balance of each, coming up with the combination that is unique to you making for a recipe all your own. And like any great meal, it’s all in the name of bringing people together, telling stories, and making connections that last a lifetime.

And because of our partnerships with Jeff Babcock, MagicMurals & CrossComm, who’s professionalism and talents allow us to be versatile & agile, we can offer the best of both the physical and digital.

Our clients are visionary brands with a purpose

A moment of gratitude

None of what we do would have been possible without our friends & family supporting us along the way. Great people like Barbara Bayer, Jill Vincent, Peter Sollugub, Mike Shupp, & Jean Beasley who took us under their wing and gave their indispensable advice. People and organizations that are driven by a greater sense of purpose are the very reason we do what we do.


‘Olio’ is a collection of diverse elements mixed together to create something great.
(It’s also a delicious Portuguese stew, which we’re not mad about.)

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