Imagine the possibilities with murals

Your spaces tell a story. They create an environment which can be reflected in students’ attitudes towards learning and their daily lives. And with so many walls, windows, and floors in your school, there’s ample opportunity to make those conversations positive and uplifting.

We’ve teamed up with our longtime partners at Magic Murals to craft thoughtfully designed murals that will inspire students, stir up school spirit, instill a sense of pride, create a positive community, and just maybe make someone’s day a little brighter (not to mention your walls!).

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How the magic happens

• We come to your school for a FREE site visit.
• We discuss goals, messaging, and design ideas.
• We provide you with a detailed estimate.
• Once signed off on, we print your murals and install. It’s that simple.

Our murals are removable, cleanable, UV and scratch resistant, long lasting, and won’t damage substrates. Imagine the possibilities…cafeterias, entryways, gymnasiums, walkways, hallways, windows, ceilings, floors, doors, columns, tables, and more. Email us at or call us at 910-777-7440 for a FREE onsite visit to see what we can do for you!