NC Aquariums “Olio brings fresh & creative ideas” You orchestrated a beautiful centerpiece for the Treasure Cove Gift Shop. Making the wrap unique to the Fort Fisher Aquarium. Your commitment and dedication to this project is so very appreciated. It has been our pleasure to be partnered with you! - BARBRA BAYER, NC AQUARIUM SOCIETY Cortina Productions “It means a lot to us, your coworkers” I was really impressed at your ability to get the project done not only well, but also inside a deadline. You know, it means a lot to us. The people you’re working
side-by-side on the project. Just know that we really appreiciated your hard work - JIM CORTINA, CORTINA PRODUCTIONS
NC Aquariums “We had a 16% increase in sales” Jennette’s Pier Shop has experienced a dramatic transformation following the renovation with an increase of 16% over the previous year! Thank you for your creative spirit and enthusiasm transforming our gift shop into an oceanic wonder world! - BARBRA BAYER, NC AQUARIUM SOCIETY TAPS “Truly felt like we were among family” Wallcrawls is an incredible team and such a pleasure to work with. The passion they have for their work truly shines, as well their dedication to serving those they work with. They made us feel like we were truly among family.
Emerald Expositions “Looking forward to future opportunities” The thought, work, and creativity that went into our partnership was certainly one of my favorite things about this year’s show! I look forward to discussing future opportunities - ALEX HEATHERINGTON, EMERALD EXPOSITIONS Navy-Marine Corps “We’re grateful for our partnership” As new users of the augmented reality platform, we had the utmost confidence in the guidance provided by Christine and Matt. This wonderful team demonstrated initiative, dependability, approachability and professionalism from beginning to end! We're grateful for this wonderful partnership. - SUSAN WHITE, NMCRS

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