Augmented reality (AR) provides immersive, interactive, and memorable training options


General Dynamics is a global aerospace and defense company, leading the way in technology and communication practices. We were tasked to help bring large scale products to consumer audiences where it was a logistical impossibility to have the physical representation, such as at trade shows. More than just a 3D Augmented Reality model, it needed to educate via an interactive experience.

  • General Dynamics attends events and trade shows annually, all over the globe
  • With a vast array of large vehicle offerings from planes to tanks to submarines, it is rarely feasible to have the majority of its products physically on site during these events
  • A lot of the magic of what they do lies in the thousands of intricately engineered components that help separate General Dynamics from its competitors
  • Our task was to utilize their own CAD engineering models to create a virtual representation of a LAV that could be seen and interacted with via a user’s mobile device
  • This immediately allowed prospective clients access to the features and benefits of their product anywhere, anytime
  • Going beyond standard brochure or online images, placing a virtual model in a user’s immediate space accurately showed the scale of the product
  • For ease of use and convenience at tradeshows, we built a tabletop version to accompany a life size model
  • Users can interact with the model through physical movement (walking around the virtual vehicle) and touch which increases engagement
  • To educate consumers and showcase the inner workings of the vehicle, users were instructed via the app to tap highlighted areas which then would break away to expose important features such as the vehicle’s drive train
  • Utilizing user’s native devices, potential customers could easily share and demonstrate General Dynamic’s capabilities with their colleagues upon returning
  • The app becomes a standalone sales tool, capable of educating consumers in real time without the need for any General Dynamics staff present

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