Augmented Reality (AR) concierge encourages visitors to discover more resort amenities


The Marriott Hotels & Resorts asked us to create an Augmented Reality (AR) experience to encourage visitors to fully explore a resort’s activities, restaurants, offerings, and amenities. We developed a beta app that would allow visitors to explore a property, sign up for events, and receive notifications from the comfort and convenience of their own villa or while on the go.

  • Marriott resort campuses can be large, full of wonderful amenities and offerings, however, informing visitors on how to reap the benefits during their stay has proven difficult
  • We wanted to create not only an AR experience, but a marketing campaign and app to fully support the experience
  • The goal was to engage and educate visitors about their properties, and encouraging exploration as a wayfinding tool
  • It also provides ease of access to services including signing up for classes, dining, and notifications of special events
  • Our AR virtual concierge offers a friendly human face, a personal touch making the digital experience more engaging
  • By utilizing a property map with activated AR pins, users physically navigate the map fully familiarizing themselves with locations for activity possibilities
  • The app drives revenue by increasing the ease of ordering services and increases the likelihood that visitors will attend paid activities by utilizing notifications, reminders, and teaser content
  • We wanted the app to also be a source of revenue, so it can be monetized through advertising and sponsorship AR opportunities for local businesses
  • The app includes AR interactive games for those rainy days or times when families are in their villas
  • With a friendly backend admin, on site staff can easily rotate content for changing offerings
  • Sales and marketing can also share other resort offerings via 360 AR experiences going beyond standard print and website content
  • Beacons placed strategically around properties offer the opportunity to notify guests of AR experiences or special offerings around their physical location

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